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Smoked Meat Lovers Paradise

4 pork butts and 1 brisket... 2 hours into the smoke sesh

Smoked meats have taken a huge chunk of my heart over the past 3 years. Before that time though, I had no idea about the process behind it or the foods that can get smoked. As a kid growing up in New York, the only barbecue any of us knew about was when your dad would fire up some hot dogs or burgers for your summer time birthday party (a June kid) or some steaks for holidays. That was the extent of BBQ knowledge for me. Moving to Florida as a middle schooler you got to know a lot of local kids who have been around the south for a long time. Thats when I was first introduced to pulled pork. WOW....

Fast forward to me in college I couldn't get enough pulled pork. I would look up local BBQ joints in the central Florida area. Any long drive I made I would look for pit stops to try different pit masters creations. I learned what I liked and a lot about what I didn't like in my pulled pork, not knowing at the time I desperately needed this insight for my future. The first pork butt I pulled apart after a 6 hour wait in my college apartment was life changing. My roommate Teddy was used to me whipping up dinner for the both of us but it was never this style. I still remember making him my very first "pulled pork sandwich". I made 4 grilled cheese sandwiches and used them for our buns. That super tiny apartment kitchen changed my cooking style forever.

4 hens (top left) 1 whole Duck (top right) 1 whole turkey (bottom rack)

Very shortly after graduating Florida Southern my brother and I officially started Two Guys Catering. My brother questioned me when I asked to purchase my first smoker. He was unfamiliar with what we could do with it, but he had faith in what I was saying and made the purchase. He had no idea what he was about to start. He never heard of "brisket" but when he tried it for the first time I knew I hit something perfectly in the tastebuds. Over the next 3 years I have experimented with different rub mixtures, some different flavors of sauces, and many different types of meats that have really become staples that I can call my own and for others to enjoy.

baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs!!!

one of the first few briskets I smoked

Well its Sunday and I have a brisket and 4 pork butts in the smoker right now I have to go check on. ✌🏻


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Amelia Hoffman
Amelia Hoffman
07 de abr. de 2020

great article!

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