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Serving the People in a Pandemic

With Easter fast approaching and a virus looming over-head, mostly every part of our worlds have been transformed in some way. From closings to altered hours, unemployment to uncertainty, no one can say when we will be able to resume normality. However, a silver lining always appears within darkness…”the little things” as we lovingly reference them, have become the things getting us by day to day. The ability for some to stay at home and practice new hobbies, spend time with family, and catch up on your “I’ll do that tomorrow” lists have put a lot in perspective about the importance of quality time.


For us at Two Guys, “the little things” are slightly different, but just as, if not more rewarding. Within this craziness that has been essentially all of 2020, we have not only recalibrated but revamped our entire mentalities as well as the options we offer for takeout food. Many of our options are built around cleanliness and convenience, two major factors in the normality of our lives as of recent.


To help the community and increase our accessibility, we have extended our hours to 7 PM; this gives you a full 12-hour window to enjoy all three meals of the day with us. We have also officially opened our drive-thru window offering easy hands-free pickup as well as free delivery to the local Naples area. Adding to our already extensive catering menu, we are now offering Family Boxes for 4 that include some of our favorites like Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Pesto Quinoa Bowl, and Rosemary Chicken to name just a few. Some selections come with a salad and a side as well as the option to add a family member to fit your specific size family.


We are extremely thankful to be able to nourish our community with the best comfort food around during this time of ambiguity. Call us at 239-384-9072 or visit us online at to order your favorites.


From our family to yours-

stay safe, wash your hands, and eat good food.



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